Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I've been thinking alot lately about offering free crochet patterns to anyone interested.  They are not my own creations....haven't mastered the art of that talent yet...maybe that can be my next years resolution.  HOWEVER, I have many many MANY old/vintage magazines that I've purchased through the years from garage sales, estate sales, ebay....under a rock....anywhere and any time I came across them, I would buy buy buy them.  If you are looking for a particular pattern, contact me and I will look through my Stash Mountain to see if I can help.  In the meantime, when I GET time, I'll start putting some on here that you may enjoy.

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  1. Hi Sissy! Got your message and I shall be looking forward to the sock yarn I am going to post your package this week all going well! Have a bit of a drama going on but will talk to you when I ring you!