Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Could Have Another Project Finished If I'd STOP Blogging!!!!

Good Morning to All!
It's a blustery 3 degrees!  A great day for cider and crochet!  Usually, it's coffee for me all day and every day but cider just sounds better this morning.  Hopefully, I'll tear myself away soon and get started on my latest project for Juliet.  I found a vintage dresser scarf at an estate sale last summer with pretty little blue flowers embroidered on it....wasn't sure WHAT I'd do with it but just could not leave it there all alone.  Well.  I found it's purpose.  I had to have a granddaughter first and boy did I get a beauty to model the finished goods!  Anyway, I'm making a dress with it but didn't have enough fabric for the yoke so I've crocheted 7 flowers in white thread and am working on making it work!  My plan for today is to finish it and then top it off with a matching crocheted bonnet! 
Just wanted to thank you all for the sweet feedback!  I was SO excited to find that I have THREE followers! 
My dear Aussie friend, Maggie got that started!  This is so much fun I just can't believe it.  She tried to tell me......
Hope your day is filled with joy and happy moments!
My 'Before' Attempt

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  1. Cant wait to see the finished piece and I started your socks as well.
    Hug's Mag's