Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hey I'm Still Crocheting and Livin' Through the Crazy Days!

I just cannot believe I've let so much time slip away from me.  It's been a very busy three months since my last post...but I'm still kicking and hooking!  AND...I have kept to my 'no buying yarn' resolution as well.  Believe me, it's not been easy and I'm probably more surprised at myself than anyone.  It has helped for me to start organizing my yarn stash and work on getting it all together in one location.  I'm hoping to make a little more progress over the weekend.  Once I accomplish this hairy task, I plan on donating items that I know I can bear to part with.  Maybe two.  No really, I am serious about that part...I have been feeling so wasteful and greedy about this part of my life and know there is a place and purpose much more worthy of these wonderful fibers than in my dusty garage, storage unit or shop. 
I have started a few other projects that I will post before long.  Just need to finish them up and get pictures downloaded.  One of the projects I'm very excited about is wedding accessories, mostly victorian style.  I have a pair of slippers almost completed as well as a couple of other items that I would have loved to had available to me when I got married, back in the late 70's....really????  That's just not right, it can't be.
Thank GOD for the Doris Day filter lense is all I can say.  Hope every one of you is doing great and enjoying your moments with those you love!


  1. Hi Sissy!
    It great to see you back in blog land, I am slowly getting back to feeling better, but it has taken time and I guess it will be a little while yet before I am back to form. I haven't as yet received your package so it will probably be here when we get back.
    By the way Dave wrote to Lacey but he hasn't any thing back, do you know if she had received his email.
    Fiona is home now but the baby had to stay in hospital as he isn't sucking on the bottle very well, He is three weeks early she has had a hard time of it.
    Anyway hope to hear from you soon!
    Love you heaps,

  2. I am glad you are keeping to plan, looking forward to seeing any new items.
    take care, glad to see you back in blog land.