Friday, July 13, 2018

My Three Years of Yarn Therapy

Hello Friends....I'm back...a LOT of life has happened since my last post.  Too many things to even mention, employment changes, family members moving away, start up business and just general exhaustion and heartbreak along the way.

AND...I TURNED 60 IN APRIL....whew....I'm finally making peace with it. It really wasn't all that traumatic once I reminded myself that out of all that COULD have happened to me actually didn't!  I'm alive, and very well while embracing this next chapter.  Gratitude for my life and all of God's amazing blessings, protection and love have sustained me.
And life is more precious than I ever remember!

I'm excited to be back on track!  So....welcome once again!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Baby Got Put In The Corner...but for three years????

Good Morning Friends and Followers...oh're all one and the same! I don't know how you feel about 2015, but I am certainly welcoming this new year! No boring details on my life since the last post, just moving forward and happy to be going there! I have done so much crocheting...taken some pictures which I will be sharing with you soon. The past January, my dearest friend, Charlotte mailed me a little book titled Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. It has changed my heart tremendously and strengthened my love for Jesus. I would encourage you to seek this book and rest in His peace from that day on. Thank you for being faithful followers of my blog. May 2015 bring blessings blessings blessings FULL and running over to all that your hands shall touch!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Vintage Embellished Necktie Chokers are here!

I have been collecting vintage neckties for about five years now and have literally hundreds of them just waiting to burst out of the cocoon! Here is one of the butterflies birthed so far! My latest and very favorite to create are the necktie chokers. I must give credit to Paulette Adams, Professional Interior Designer for her wonderful inspiration I came across in the Altered Couture Nov/Dec/Jan 2012 issue where she uses upholstery fabric instead of the neckties. When I laid my eyes on that photo of hers, it all became perfectly clear to me why I was so driven and obsessed to hoard these beauties! There are absolutely not enough hours in the day for me to create with them, not even in Heaven!!! I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I am excited to make them! I'll be very interested in your feedback! Can't wait!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And Now Featuring....A Breather!

Happy New Year to you ALL!
Whew. Been quite a few months lately. I have been working so hard on several items: bootie slippers for all my girls, crocheted wraps, scarves, batman blanket, flower blanket, sonic the hedgehog blanket, french press cozy, baby hats, blankets and sweaters....WHEW!
I will post a few of my finished projects in the very near future. Sadly, I got so busy being busy that I forgot to take pictures of the things I made and gave for Christmas presents.

My New's Resolutions this year are:
read a book a month
learn the Bavarian crochet stitch
have this year's Christmas projects completed by Dec 1st
organize my yarn stash...again.

Oh, and one more thing...buying all the dang yarn I want to this year. Narrowing down my stash just didn't work out so hot in 2011.

Looking forward to this new year of 2012 and wishing many many blessings on each of you and all that your hands shall touch!

Deuteronomy 15:10
You shall surley give to Him, and your heart should not be grieved when you give to Him, because for this thing the Lord your God will bless you in all your works and in all to which you put your hand.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I've Missed You!

So sorry for the delay in writing...have been buried under with lots of life's little beautiful grandbabies, three other businesses to run and as much crochet time as I can squeeze in between it all.
I have a confession to make...I've been buying yarn again. Although, speaking on my own behalf, I have been dipping into my stash quite a bit, which really is fun and gives me a sense of....well, maybe a little more space on my shelves.
Oh, and part of what I bought was with a gift card. Does that count???
Also, I've been obsessed with trying new recipes...cheesecake, white chocolate sheet cake...which came to a screeching halt this morning after I got on the scales and realized I'd been eating my weight in sweets, plus some. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... I'm starting to think I'm becoming addicted to addictions! But, honestly, I ask you, what could be better than dessert and yarn? Is it such a bad thing? It must be since my jeans are screaming "STOP. PLEEEEZZZZZZ. YOU'RE HURTING ME, YOU'RE HURTING ME!"
I'm just so dang happy that yarn holds no calories.
Got several new finished items to post as soon as I get the pictures taken!
Hope this finds you all happy and very well!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hey I'm Still Crocheting and Livin' Through the Crazy Days!

I just cannot believe I've let so much time slip away from me.  It's been a very busy three months since my last post...but I'm still kicking and hooking!  AND...I have kept to my 'no buying yarn' resolution as well.  Believe me, it's not been easy and I'm probably more surprised at myself than anyone.  It has helped for me to start organizing my yarn stash and work on getting it all together in one location.  I'm hoping to make a little more progress over the weekend.  Once I accomplish this hairy task, I plan on donating items that I know I can bear to part with.  Maybe two.  No really, I am serious about that part...I have been feeling so wasteful and greedy about this part of my life and know there is a place and purpose much more worthy of these wonderful fibers than in my dusty garage, storage unit or shop. 
I have started a few other projects that I will post before long.  Just need to finish them up and get pictures downloaded.  One of the projects I'm very excited about is wedding accessories, mostly victorian style.  I have a pair of slippers almost completed as well as a couple of other items that I would have loved to had available to me when I got married, back in the late 70's....really????  That's just not right, it can't be.
Thank GOD for the Doris Day filter lense is all I can say.  Hope every one of you is doing great and enjoying your moments with those you love!

Monday, February 28, 2011

In Desperate Search of Yarn Hoarders Anon Group....

I have really been feeling guilty about all the yarn I have scattered in various places around town...which means closets, storage building, garage,'s a hunka buncha yarn.  So.  One of my most important and thrifty resolutions this year is to use what I have and not buy any yarn for the rest of the year.  (I'm starting a little late....).  It's really unbelievable how much yarn I have...but most much I keep bringing home. There actually is a purpose for each skein at the time!  And although I am constantly in search of the perfect charity for my finished donations, I very seldom participate.  I have good intentions, just get easily sidetracked.  Speaking on my own behalf though, I do make many items for my grandbabies and family members and friends as gifts.  AHA!  There's my pitfall.  I want the PERFECT color, texture or pattern for my dears and thus I go shopping.  But today is THE day!  No more shopping for yarn.  I am committing the rest of this year to gather my goods in one place, organize the skeins and patterns and supplies I have and start making a difference in this wasteful world I live in!  Really.  I mean it.  I'm going to need professional help to do this though.  The anxiety is already setting in.  My only saving grace is to find the right charity to drive that passion down the road to recovery.  Got my prayer sent up to the Heavens, gonna wait for the answer.  Maybe answers.  I'll probably need more than one to reduce my mounting stringy mass of obsession.  Wish me's going to take a miracle.  Oh, and don't let my husband in on our little secret.  He's an "I told you so" kind of guy.